The Day After the Day Of

The sky sheds its tears. This morning is the morning of the day after

Newly Discovered Planet Appears To Be a “Short Timer”

A newly discovered possible exoplanet some 1,500 light years away is being shredded by the intense heat of its parent star. The team from NASA and MIT found that the planet circles its host star every 15 hours, making it one of the shortest planetary orbits ever observed, which implies that the planet orbits very […]

Smart Car Turtle Fossil Found in Columbia

Florida paleontologists digging in a northern Colombia coal mine have discovered the remains of a giant turtle so big it was capable of snacking on ancient alligators, according to a new report in the online version of the Journal of Systematic Palaeontology. The 60-million-year-old reptile, dubbed Carbonemys cofrinii or “coal turtle,” is considered to be […]

Nearly 100 Endangered Species Making Come Back

Nearly 100 endangered species should be on track to meet federal scientists’ recovery goals, according to a new analysis by a national nonprofit organization that seeks to protect the planet’s biological diversity. The Center for Biological Diversity’s review examined population trends of 110 endangered plant and animals protected under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) in […]

A Morning Walk on the Beach

This Morning I grabbed a cup of coffee and headed to the beach in front of the King and Prince Beach Resort.  It was very cloudy and drizzling a little, while I was watching the lighting off in the distance.   As the drizzle stopped, with breaks in the clouds the light got real nice […]

Tebow & The Pope? Two Names That Don’t Really Go Together

Okay…I’m not sure if this article is about the NFL or the “Second Coming,” but gosh knows, people are treating it as the latter. No, I’m not being sarcastic (well…maybe a little). But if you were out in the blue sky and brilliant sun of Georgetown, Texas yesterday celebrating Easter Sunday, you would’ve seen a […]

Behold the Beauty of St. Simons Island

Behold the Beauty of St. Simons Island   The old saying – spring is in the air – takes on a whole new meaning when you find yourself lucky enough to be walking among the vibrant flowers, staring at the stunning butterflies, and watching the endless flocks of migrating birds, while being a part of […]

Meet The New Executive Chef Jeff Kaplan at The King & Prince Beach Resort

The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort is pleased to announce a fantastic new addition to it’s incredible staff at their highly popular, Kings Tavern.   Just imagine… While sitting only steps away from the Atlantic Ocean and soaking in all the breathtaking view, you can now enjoy the tantalizing creations of the Kings […]

Happy Easter (Photos From St Simons Island)

Good Day, Everyone have a very blessed holiday, with family and friends. This is a day to also be thankful for family, friends, and the beginning of spring and new beginnings. Please enjoy.   Thank you,           Many Blessings to the Sunrise Beach Dog Walkers         These photos […]

Where the Majesty of the Ocean Meets the Mortals!

Where the Majesty of the Ocean Meets the Mortals!   Spending time near the beach can be quite intriguing – almost a mystical adventure for a landlubber like me. It’s a place where everything is new and exciting, making one feel a rejuvenated ‘freshness’ and a vivid wonderment that feels as if all worries have […]