The NFL Looks at David vs. Goliath

This has been one of those odd football seasons where the facts given at the beginning

The Best & Worst (So Far) of the 2016 NFL Season

Okay…we’re almost dead center, folks, so it’s time to sum up the best and silliest actions and

Curse THIS!

  Curse THIS! by Amy Lignor   It was announced yesterday (on The Weather Channel) that New Jersey’s in a drought for the first time since 2001. You know who’s not in a drought anymore? Exactly! Congratulations Chicago…your Cubs did it!   I think we all know that the chant: “Go, Cubs, Go!” will be […]

Saying Goodbye to Legends…

Saying Goodbye to Legends… by Amy Lignor When someone you admire departs the Earth, it is extremely sad to come to terms with.

There Are Superheroes Among Us

This story truly proves that a superhero does not require a cape, tights, or the ability to fly

The Season Begins

Yes, it’s finally time to get down to some real business when it comes to the world of sports

Get Ready for Football!

Get Ready for Football! by Amy Lignor There is a time every year where suddenly the sports news

With the NFL Playoffs Nearing, Passion Spikes

  With the NFL Playoffs Nearing, Passion Spikes by Amy Lignor   We always praise those “young ones” making names for themselves in the NFL. In Cam Newton’s case, making a name in both football and dancing. But this week some old dogs of the game, ones destined for the Hall of Fame, popped up […]

LeBron James Could Become The Next Billion-Dollar Athlete

  LeBron James Could Become The Next Billion-Dollar Athlete By Burt Carey Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James has done something that not even Michael Jordan has done: He signed a “lifetime deal” with Nike. Forbes claims James is already the world’s third highest paid athlete, knocking down a cool $72.3 million in 2014, and he […]

Halleluiah Mary: What a Week

  Halleluiah Mary: What a Week By Amy Lignor   Perhaps there was Christmas magic in the air this Thursday night when yet another week of the NFL season began. The Green Bay Packers needed a win in Detroit, after losing games to teams that haven’t beaten them in what seems like forever. Not to […]