A Captivating Romance in the ‘Tower’ of the King & Prince Resort

A Captivating Romance in the ‘Tower’ of the King & Prince Resort    In the Tower Rooms at the King and Prince Beach & Golf  Resort, there is magic in the air. As you walk across the area rugs and view the historic décor, you will find a bottle of champagne waiting for you – […]

A Plethora Of Honey Knowledge and Products, Savannah Bee Company

The Savannah Bee Company is one of the most amazing ‘corporate stories’ you will ever hear. From a lone man’s interest in beekeeping came a company that now has a warehouse, beautiful store locations and over fifty employees.   Ted Dennard is the creator behind this successful enterprise. Beginning in 2002, this company came into […]

St Simons Village Offers The Serenity House Tea Society

  As we have been ‘walking’ through the amazing world of St. Simons Island, Georgia, we have discovered everything from historical sites that make you feel as if you’ve actually stepped back in time, to the kindest people with the most amazing stories to tell, to the true luxury of the King and Prince Resort […]

Meet Chef Jeff Kaplan & Southern Culinary Traditions

There is a place…a paradise, if you will, centered in a locale that’s name is perfectly suited to the ambiance. The place: The Golden Isles. Off the coast of Georgia lies St. Simon’s Island and the King and Prince Resort and, quite frankly, the elegance and the ‘5-star’ service outweighs any ‘royal treatment’ you could […]

Amazing History of The Hampton Club

There is one thing that the most magical locations in the world all have in common, and that is the aura – the feeling that literally clings to the surface of historical sites whether they be battlefield or sunken ship – reminding us of what once was. What I mean by this, plain and simple, […]

Treat your Mom to a Great Day Out!

She has many names… From the outset, her name is Mommy. She’s the one who catches you when you fall and makes sure to take care of you each and every day. As time goes further on, her name becomes Mom, and she is that amazing person who supports, defends, protects, and loves you with […]

The Junior Golf Clinic!

The Junior Golf Clinic! A Phenomenal Program from The King and Prince Golf Course – Home of the Hampton Club   Readers, for the past few months we’ve been speaking about the truly amazing sites, sounds, views – everything that St. Simon’s Island in Georgia has to offer. There are vacation packages that include fine […]

Give Mom the Gift of Paradise!

Give Mom the Gift of Paradise!   The King and Prince Resort is celebrating the absolute best people in the universe – Mom’s. You know…all those incredibly hardworking, loving and determined females who have taken care of you, protected you, and who are the very heart and soul of your family. The one ‘Big Day’ […]

Another ‘Can’t Miss’ While Staying at the King and Prince

Another ‘Can’t Miss’ While Staying at the King and Prince   The King and Prince Resort is a stunning location that more and more people are ‘chomping at the bit’ to visit. In fact, it seems that everyone has been running to the website in order to make sure that their dream vacation – not […]

Patriots Day Celebration on St Simons

  Is there such a thing as an absolutely ‘perfect’ day? There are many who will answer this question with a resounding, “YES!” And then they will speak about the day their child was born, the day they got married, the day of their anniversary, or the moment they met their soulmate. Some sports fanatics […]