An Inspirational Journey

There are tons of choices when it comes to planning your next vacation

Taking It to the Streets

            Original Source: Trekin

A New Brand Releases the ‘Da Vinci’ in All of Us

  A New Brand Releases the ‘Da Vinci’ in All of Us    Inspiration and financial gain: a combination that will have investors, supporters and the creative, jumping on the internet in order to join an entrepreneur and an artist – a team who is bringing the most creative project to the masses that has […]

Plains Indian Beadwork and Regalia from the Anthropology Collection

                                  This is the latest in a series of exhibits featuring seldom-seen highlights from the Anthropology collections. Two rare items featured are a Lakota Winter Count depicting significant events in the years 1798-99 through 1904–05, and a unique Cheyenne […]

Walk on White at Harrison Gallery on March 21

  Poor Little Rich Girl, 36″ x 48″, oil on canvas This painting is a reflection of my subconscious, a transition between three worlds: Africa, Europe, and America. The jungle on the left, the garden in the middle, the buildings at the far end.I grew up in Africa. My mother was French, my father Belgian. […]