Aspen Arctic Adventure is a Success!

Aspen Power Catamarans leads the way through Canada’s Northwest Territory to the Arctic Ocean.

By Amy Lignor

History is filled with explorers who would not stop until they reached their goal and on July 9th, 2019 another pair, Larry Graf, the Founder and President of Aspen Power Catamarans and Peter Robson, veteran Canadian Journalist, completed their Aspen Arctic Adventure!  They reached the Arctic Ocean at 1:00 p.m., on a journey that lasted 6 days and 22 hours. Check out this great trip in detail and how this adventurous pair made headlines, aboard the Aspen 34′ L107.

Demanding Route is Tamed by Aspen Power Catamarans

This amazing trip began by trailering the Aspen 34’ L107 through the Canadian Rockies to Fort Providence, located in the Northwest Territories of Canada. The magical moment came when they launched at Great Slave Lake, cruised 1,120 miles down the Mackenzie River and arrived at the Arctic Ocean. There were thrilling sights to see along the way, including journeying through some of the most pristine and untouched waters in the world. The scenery was incredible, and photography is fantastic!

Aspen Arctic Adventure is a Success! Aspen Power Catamarans leads the way through Canada’s Northwest Territory to the Arctic Ocean.
Aspen Arctic Adventure is a Success! Aspen Power Catamarans leads the way through Canada’s Northwest Territory to the Arctic Ocean.

Aspen Power Catamarans efficiency means longer range at speed, needed for greater adventures.

Very few boats manufactured today have the perfect combination of speed and range necessary to cover the long distances required to accomplish this historic feat. The Aspen L107 is perfect for the job. With twin, yet dissimilar, Yamaha outboards (200HP starboard and 70HP port) it’s capable of speeds in excess of 30mph.

When cruising at just under 20mph, the Aspen burns only 7.7gal/hour yielding 2.55mpg. With this epic trek set up and around 190 gallons on board, Aspen L107 has a range in excess of 300 miles. For those adventurous souls out there, this is a “great boat, ideal for all types of cruising.”

In addition, wrap around seating in the bow converts to a sleeping area, plus a large Bimini over the helm with solar panels provided both incredible power and protection from the elements on this trip. These features and other great amenities make the Aspen L107 a stellar choice for any kind of adventure whether cruising through the Keys or running through the pristine wilderness and into the Arctic.

Boundless adventure starts with Aspen Power Catamarans
Boundless adventure starts with Aspen Power Catamarans

Proof of Performance is paramount for ASPEN Power Catamarans

This type of trip is not something new to Larry Graf, President, and CEO of Aspen Power Catamarans. In fact, he’s been exploring like this since the mid-’90s. He has logged runs to Bermuda, Siberia, Midway Island, and Alaska, and even circumnavigated Vancouver Island (un-refueled for 650 miles) in the Aspen C100. He Orchestrated and participated in the Aspen 10,000 Mile Tour taking an Aspen C120 from Alaska to Annapolis. Larry completely stands behind the Aspen models, not only with his commitment to manufacturing a superior line of boats but by pushing the limits of the product line with actual on the water experience.

Aspen Power Catamarans does it again!
Aspen Power Catamarans does it again!

This most recent success, Aspen’s Arctic Adventure, included some “crazy” navigation to get to the ocean from Inuvik. With no guide and no buoys to mark the route, Peter and Larry would find themselves zig-zagging the river to locate the best route and deepest water. No surprise, when you consider the fact that the Mackenzie River is stated as being one of the most complex river systems known, and it is only recommended to navigate these waters for those with extensive local knowledge.

Making scattered stops for fuel at small indigenous villages along the way, it was the Aspen L107 that was stealing the show in the area.  At each stop, Larry would inquire about how many fiberglass pleasure boats go down this challenging river, and only one fuel station had ever seen one attempt this cruise in their memory. No one had ever seen a pleasure craft over 30 feet go downriver and never saw one coming back up!  The Aspen L107 is likely the first fiberglass boat to make this round-trip journey!

Both men commented on every detail of the trip and logged key data about this exciting trip, from navigation, challenges, environment, wildlife, and much more.  Once they reached the ocean, they stopped to soak it all in and enjoy the beauty of the Arctic. Check out Aspen for more great details of the Arctic Adventure from both Larry and Peter including additional images and watch for stories in upcoming issues of popular marine magazines.

ASPEN Power Catamarans are perfect for your family adventure

Aspen Power Catamarans is the “Future of Boating.” Few boats are this uniquely qualified to give a family both comfort, stability, performance, and value to enhance your overall experience with your own adventures.

Aspen Power Catamarans deliver a comfortable and safe ride, incredible fuel efficiency, spacious accommodations, and the security of knowing that you are cruising on a solidly built boat manufactured with the highest quality materials. Aspen Power Catamarans, as well as the people who stand behind them, are all about helping facilitate boat lovers who are passionate about the water and the boating lifestyle.  Start your adventure today! Check out more information about this great Aspen Arctic Adventure and explore all of the Aspen models at

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