Discover the Difference between the Tidewater LXF vs. CC Adventure Models

When buying a new boat, some of the terminologies that manufacturers use can be somewhat confusing. Thanks to some innovative thinking by innovative marine manufacturer, Tidewater Boats, the naming process for

Get into Day Dropping for Swordfish

Try this for big swordfish, Get into Day Dropping By Ted Lund Get into day dropping for swordfish if you want to enhance your catch during daylight hours. Daytime dropping for swordfish is becoming more

Carolina Skiff’s JVX Center Console is designed for Shallow Water Fishing Success

Durability, Reliability, and Affordability, Carolina Skiff’s JVX Center Console By Capt. Ted Lund Carolina Skiff’s JVX Center Console is designed for shallow water fishing success. From Matagorda Bay on the coast of Texas to the tidal creeks

Get in on the Summertime Action

Summer isn’t the only thing heating up for anglers on Lake Murray, SC — home waters to one of the nation’s top boat manufacturers in the marine industry — Tidewater Boats.

Yamaha’s Helm Master Continues to Steer the Way in 2019

Yamaha Outboard’s fully integrated  Helm Master® joystick steering system led the way in controlling twin, triple and quad installations of high-powered offshore outboards on large boats and 2019 is proving to be no different.

Flat Out for Flounder

Northern flounder, Gulf flounder, Southern flounder, Fluke or Halibut. A “flatfish” by any other name is a flatfish, and they are high on the list of anglers from the Gulf of Alaska to Cape Cod.

Spring Dolphin Run in Full Swing

Thanks to unseasonable winter weather and warm temperatures, dolphin fishing in the Southeastern United States is in full swing — and Carolina Skiff wants to help you get in on the action with the Sea Chaser HFC 27.

Coastal Chaos: Tips for Being a Better Bait Fisherman

Live bait is a critical key to success for saltwater fisherman targeting trophy gamefish like wahoo, billfish, king mackerel, tuna, and others. But there’s more to bait fishing than meets the eye — from tackle selection to dehooking and handling (or not) baits.

Carolina Skiff’s JV CC Models are Durable & Affordable

For many anglers owning bigger boats can create a struggle to get out for a relaxing couple of hours to fish, check crab traps or create a short after work hours adventure for the kids.  Often it takes longer to get the “big” boat ready than it does to enjoy your outing. But it does not have

Carolina Skiff Tips: Spring Redfish Tactics

Throughout their range, from the Laguna Madre in Texas, through Florida and up to the Outer Banks of the Carolinas, redfish or red drum are among one of the most highly prized game fish sought by inshore and nearshore anglers. Carolina Skiff, one of the most trusted names in the boat building business offers