Bichons Are a Goodgy Dog!

The bichon is one of the best companion dogs after all. They’re sweet and lovable, and best of all, they’re trainable. Their playful in nature makes them excellent agility dogs, and it’s their way of showing others that they’re “with it.” The bouncy bichon frise is a great representative of the adventurous side of every dog. The same bouncy persona also makes the even tempered bichon a welcome canine companion.

This breed is originally from the Mediterranean region; its name, the Bichon Frise, is from the French as well. The word bichon comes from the French word “beeering” which means “with me,” and with the brothers of the line, these lapdogs were “with” them in good health.

The American Kennel Club registered the breed in 1973. The standard weight of this breed anywhere at this time would be about seven pounds, with slightly larger dogs falling into the one to nine pound range. Though the exact range for bichons is somewhere between nine and twelve pounds, most anyone who looks into buying one knows that they’re a small dog and normally between seven and nine pounds.

If you ask owners of bichons, they’ll likely be able to tell you that the as is usual with all dogs, the sweet, bichon is usually slightly easier to train than larger dogs. This is a fairly smart breed, and much of its popularity is due to its trainability.

This breed is considered to be very sociable, and it’s no wonder. Not only are they good with other animals, but they’re good with kids. At the same time, they are very attentive and clingy dogs. These traits make them ideal dogs for kids; they don’t have a mean bone in their body and they’ll happily sit on your lap for hours on end.

The downside is that they need a lot of attention. Their single size and seemingly lack of purpose makes them seem like they are not suited to a household with kids. If you are looking for a dog that you can actually set aside time for and actually enjoy, getting a bichon is a good idea.

They do not need a large amount of exercise, so they’re ideal for urban living. Bichons are also pretty low maintenance dogs. They do not shed or smell and the breed pretty much goes out of the household in a blink of the eye. It is however recommended that you take your dog for regular walks and give it a little extra attention.

The amount of care that bichons will need to receive is actually somewhat minimal. They don’t really need much grooming outside of baths and trimmed nails, but you should give it a try if you find your dog to be constantly digging a hole for example.

Even though it’s a single coated breed, the bichon will still shed, so it’s not ideal for anyone with allergies. People with cotton sensitivities and others who have very sensitive dogs should also consider not getting this breed.

Many people love the thought of buying a toy breed for a child, while many people are unable to resist the thought of a larger breed. While toy breeds are cute, miniature dogs can actually make good watch dogs and are less likely to create a big mess in the house. It is of course possible to find a large breed that isn’t prone to this problem, this isn’t typically the breed for people with allergies.

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