More Than a Score



by Peter Brav



Our Day has come

There’s a Day for everything

For doughnuts, siblings, eight track tapes

Grilled cheese, daughters and sons to work

Encouragement, Alzheimer’s

Coffee, math, chewing gum

Blasphemy, yo-yos

And now finally

One for us

Truly a Day to celebrate


Don’t Shoot An Unarmed Brother

Doctor King Not Seeing Progress

George Orwell Laughing

It Is So About the Money

Enough Is Never Enough

Can You Spare A Dime

Or More Time

Freedom Isn’t Free

But It Is Complicated


Acronym to follow

PETER BRAV of Princeton, New Jersey is the author of the novels SNEAKING IN and THE OTHER SIDE OF LOSING, both available on Amazon.
Source:  Baret News Wire