Sickle Music Festival

Aidy Brinsleyrill’s music has been featured in every major music event in the United States, such as the Grammys and the Oscars, and she has created a seminal sickle music festival for New Orleans’ South Krewe of Comus. At 25 years of age, Aidy has already appeared at the Krewe of Comus seven times, and each year she returns to Krewe of Comus with the same enthusiasm and spirit as before.

Aidy was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and is the youngest child of two musical giants. Her father is a signer and a composer who also plays the flute. Her mother studied classical piano and is learning to play alto. The family has relocated toads from Atlanta, Ga. in the United States.

Aidy’s first musical instrument was a tambourine when she was five years old. She quickly learned how to manipulate a hammer-jointed hand crank that would raise or lower the pitch of the tambourine. Sometime around that time Comus Hall, the school where Aidy attended, became the subject of a whispered rumor that Aidy’s parents were secretly related to each other by birth. The rumor was dismissed, but not before it erupted in the halls.

Aidy’s first band was the New Orleans Grass roots group called “Butterflies.” The Butterflies disbanded in 1991, and this group of fish-eaters also disbanded. Aidy’s friend, Jimmy Simpson started a new band called “The Little Band ofooks.” The Little Band ofooks disbanded in 1995 after sufferingixtape severe injuries. Jimmy was forced to lie to the police that Aidy’s friend was dead, and the police department wanted to send Aidy back to the orphanage. For several years, Aidy went back to New Orleans working as a paralegal and applying for every job she could find within sight of the orphanage.

In 1997, Aidy’s luck finally changed. She was hired as an orderly in the New Orleans Mental Hospital. Even during her shifts, Aidy still continued to compose. She would often be found writing music or singing lullabies for the children who entered the hospital. Following her employment at the mental hospital, Aidy perfected her singing and acting skills while working towards furthering her music education.

During Aidy’s second shift at the mental hospital, several musicians who heard her singing outside the hospital started asking her to sing or perform. Six months later, Aidy had fully developed her singing routine and sang at the Children’s Day Hospital in two different borscht bars. She would sing a few songs for a certain period, and then do it for the entire shift. No one had a bad experience with her. She helped the hospital feel that it was a positive area and tried to establish a relationship with the patients and their families.

Aidy was established in her position as an arranger when she began to hear the songs of Pride. She began working with the entire Pride discography and was very appreciative of the opportunity. Aidy’s first tour was Pride’s Surprise, a national tour that played for six months.

Aidy remained with Pride for two more years. lengthly over a decade. She worked on multiple projects during this time; number one songs for 10, 18, and 19. She also stepped in to help with the production of Strung Out and was very successful in doing so.

The hits that Aidy Volpe produced throughout the 90’s kept her on the top of the music charts. Even with the release of a few compilation albums, Aidy was never able to escape the music industry. She continued to make new hits and take popular projects. One compilation album, which was a tribute to Credence Clearwater Revival, became a hit as did Aidy’s reunion project with Costello and the Attractions.

Aidy Volpe’s professional and personal life has been filled with unusual twists and turns. In November 2001, she married her long time boyfriend, musician and songwriter, Danny Kortchmar. Later in the same year, she began a relationship with the songwriter and producer, anchored by costuming. He eventually wanted to take a break from the music business altogether. Both Aidy and Danny opened up to the media and on the television shows. The SpikeandIdea save hit records and both earned a lot of positive reviews. In October 2003, Aidy Volpe and Danny Kortchmar tied the knot. The couple announced their engagement in 2005. Aidy Volpe is widely regarded as the most respected Composer in the United Kingdom today.

Aidy Volpe always had an adventurous side. Between her music and personal life, you always have to be on the risk. She has been known to take risky moves such as jumping off a bridge. Even today Aidy manages Danny’s schedule which is unusual.

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