The Natural Beauty of La Orotava

This quaint old town is barely 6 kilometers from the impressive resort of Puerto de la Cruz, which makes it a tempting day trip. Its name, La Orotava, means lush valley, reflecting its wealth from the surrounding lushness of the valley floor. The town expanded very quickly since the valley floor was rich in vegetation. Today, there are many inns, hotels, and apartments in the town but the architecture in the area is not as traditional as you will find in more expensive hotels in Morelia or another popular resort nearby. The town is a pleasant place to stroll around and marvel at its beautiful, winding streets. Its charm lies in its simplicity.

The Plaza Mayor is the town’s main square shaded by palm trees. It serves as an arts and restaurant zone. There are outdoor cafes, bars, and restaurants here where you can enjoy a nice lunch or dinner as the sun goes down. The square is also used as a venue for fiestas, rituals that last several days and are part of the villagers’ lively culture.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary is like a stone temple made from limestone and consecrated in 1328. The chapel is covered in silver and gold, and its floor is covered with gold sheeting. This Cathedral is Not only a place of worship but also a historic monument.

Next on the list is the Remove Drago square. It was originally referred to as the Plaza Drago and was a public square during the castle era. There were a lot of mansions and shops there before the cafés and bars got established. Today, the square has cafes and bars.

The third offering is the resort town of Puerto de la Cruz. The town is just west of the Sierra Madre and offers a nice location between the city of Puerto de la Cruz and the beaches of the area. There are a lot of local handicraftsmen and galleries here.

Last on the list is the town of Aguas Calientes. Located on the Peninsula between Andacamas and Mal Pais, it is just a five-minute stroll to the high-end resorts of Puerto de la Cruz. The town features golf courses and a marina. Cabo Matapolo is just south of Aguas Calientes and here you can go jet skiing, swim with dolphins, or just relax on the beach.

Paquera, the last town on the Costa Blanca, features elegant Spanish architecture, a rare example of Renaissance building in that region.

When you are finished with your strolls along the coast, you could always enjoy a dinner at one of the restaurants in the area. Many of the towns that you will visit in the Costa Blanca have wonderful restaurants. However, if you are looking for high-quality restaurants, there are many in San José de Coín, such as ‘El Gelato’ in Andaluz, which has enjoyed a regular name for over a century.

Upea is another town with an historic past and on the Costa Blanca you will find many places to stay such as Upea Marina which was built during the 1930s.

To The Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca presents many opportunities to enjoy sun and sand on the beaches. There are world-class resorts and hotels and superb golf courses to enjoy. However, if you are only planning a beach holiday, you will not find the necessary facilities.

To make the most of your stay, especially your Costa Blanca holiday, you should specially plan your itinerary. You should definitely avoid the in and out, as this may be too time-consuming. Instead, you should spend some time in traveler’s lodgings and in visiting cafes and restaurants to get a real taste of holiday life in the Costa Blanca.

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