Top 7 Water Damage Restoration Companies In Miami

Projekt Restoration

Projekt Restoration is a local business, owned and operated by Miami. The company’s team deals with water damage from flooding, HVAC, sewage or roof leaks. This involves finding leaks and mapping them out, drying the affected areas and then monitoring the property every day until it is dry completely. The technicians also use dehumidifiers, filtration systems, and air movers. Projekt Restoration has 16 years experience in the restoration of commercial and residential properties that have been damaged.

Dri-Max Restoration

Dri-Max Restoration serves clients in Miami and surrounding areas. Its main focus is to restore pre-loss conditions for homes and businesses. They offer water damage restoration services, which include fixing water leaks, water pipes, and fixing damages from hurricanes and street floodings. To determine the extent of the damage, the company uses moisture detection equipment. Dri-Max Restoration, a local contractor, also offers mold and fire restoration services.

911 Restoration of Miami

911 Restoration of Miami, located in Miami, Florida, is a damage restoration company that specializes on water damage, restoration, sewage backup and disaster restoration. They offer water damage restoration services including pipe burst restoration, mold testing services and flooded basement water removal. The sewage backup services they offer include sewage sanitization and raw sewage cleaning, flood water extraction, water damage restoration in Miami, pipe repair, toilet overflow remediation decontamination and odor control services. They offer free estimates and a thorough inspection.

Professional Service Restoration

Professional Service Restoration provides assistance to clients in Miami and surrounding areas. This company deals with water damage caused by hurricanes and floods. The company’s technicians are on hand to inspect the drying process and prevent bacteria growth. Clients’ clothing and furniture are also cleaned and restored. Professional Service Restoration helps clients deal with mold infestations by mold inspection and removal.

Liberty Extraction & Drying

Liberty Extraction & Drying serves residential and commercial customers in Miami. It is specialized in quick response to floods and other water-born emergencies, to minimize structural or property damage. Liberty Extraction & Drying assesses the extent of water damage and recommends the best course for remediation. It employs specialized equipment such as submersibles and gas-powered pumps to extract water, detect leaks and ensure thorough drying.

Atlantic1 Cleaning Services

Atlantic1 Cleaning Services, a family-owned business in Miami, is operated by a single person. It offers water damage cleanup services and other services for residential and commercial customers in South Florida. It offers emergency services 24 hours a day. It focuses on eliminating mold, mildew and structural rot in water damage cases. Atlantic1 Cleaning Services offers cleaning and moisture removal using commercial air movers, dehumidifiers and antimicrobial treatments as needed. The company also offers watercraft and automotive services.

EE&G Restoration Services

EE&G Restoration Services, a locally-owned and operated water, fire and mold cleanup and repair company, has over 34 years of experience serving Miami’s businesses and homes. The company provides a 24-hour emergency response with certified fire restoration technicians who assess the damage, use advanced drying equipment and techniques, clean and sanitize affected areas, and remove any water. Additional services include site security, demolition, emergency board-ups and reconstruction.

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